Advanced Laser Technology

State-of-the-Art Technology Takes the Pain out of Dentistry

The Drill
The drill works with friction, which causes heat and triggers pain. This necessitates injection with anesthetic and numb lips, and opens the possibility for thermal damage. Moreover, the heat and vibration of the dental drill can cause tiny cracks in the surrounding healthy tooth that can lead to cavities underneath fillings, the need for a root canal and even the loss of a tooth.

The Laser
The Laser uses a unique, powerful interaction of wavelengths and water/air spray that cuts, etches, and shapes target tissues without contact, heat, vibration or pressure. So many procedures can be done painlessly with no anesthetic needle. The laser is highly effective for treating teeth, gums, skin, and bone. The laser precisely removes only the decay without damaging the surrounding teeth. The laser is more precise than a drill and causes less bleeding than a scalpel. As a result, patients heal faster from treatment with a laser.

The laser is safe for babies, children, teens, and adults. It’s especially appropriate during pregnancy, when it is best to avoid introducing any unnecessary medications into the body. As well as for the elderly, who need to be aware of potential drug interactions; and for the immune system compromised, who should be careful to avoid cross contamination.

Discomfort is based on individual sensitivity to pain, and other factors, so not all patients can be treated without anesthetic. However, dentists using this laser technology to perform typical cavity preparations report not using anesthetic in the majority of cases.