Everything You Need To Relax In Our Locust Valley Dental Office

  • Free Patient WiFi
  • iPods with Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Premium Cable TV
  • Hand-sewn Leather Treatment Chairs
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Isolite
  • Digital Xrays
  • Digital patient, recall, and treatment reminders
  • And More!

Locust Valley Dental Group prides itself on being a state of the art practice in the dental field. Our selection in dental equipment and advanced technologies is to ensure the ultimate patient care in a serene and tranquil environment.

Our office is completely digital from patient charting to the radiographs taken for diagnostic evaluations. All patients enter their personal information by a secure site on our iPad. This enables the office to keep organized records of the patients treatment and history that can be easily updated. If assistance is necessary, our staff will guide the patient or enter the information for the patient.

Locust Valley Dental Group has an array of dental technology to assist in patient education and dental treatment for the patient. For diagnostics, we have the Soprulife intraoral camera that aids in the detection of decay and also gives a patient the visual information to detect dental failure of the dentition or soft tissue.

The CDR Schick is the digital radiograph system that we utilize for detailed images of the patient’s dentition. We are able to diagnose because of the quality of the image and the ability to modify the magnification of the x-rays.

We possess two types of dental lasers. The first one is the 940nm. diode ezlase, which is utilized for soft tissue procedures , in office whitening , and low-level biostimulation to accelerate the process of healing. Our second laser is a Er Cr YSGG iPlus laser that has many applications. It can be utilized for atraumatic hard tissue (bone) surgery, soft tissue surgery, endodontic decontamination of canals , and injection-free fillings. The laser benefits the patient on many levels of treatment.

The surgical procedures are non-invasive and heal at an accelerated rate because of the properties of the wavelength of the laser. We offer rotary endodontic treatment for a smooth root canal therapy. Even the hand pieces (drills) chosen are the smallest and have a muted sound, so that the high pitch is almost non-existent.

Aside from the technologies for the patient treatment, we have a hands-free sterilization center to ensure that the instruments are sterile and no cross-contamination can occur. We also use disposable cutting burs, so every patient is confident that they are receiving care in a completely sterile environment.

To enhance the patient experience we chose calming colors for the decor and plush patient chairs for comfort. We offer a multitude of options of distraction to enhance the patient’s visit. The patient has the choice to view their favorite TV show, video, or listen to music with their Bose head set. Patients enjoy the option of choice for their dental experience. For patients that may have the fear of dental treatment, nitrous (laughing gas) is administered at the patient’s request to relax them.

Locust Valley Dental Group is accommodating for all of its patients. We care about their overall care and all aspects of their lives. Our purpose is to ensure, and if possible, improve the quality of their lives.