Locust Valley Dental Group Patient Testimonials

Dr. Kozlowski and staff are amazing! I recently switched from my longtime dentist in Manhattan and am so happy I started coming to the Locust Valley Dental Group. Professional and friendly, clean office, wonderful experience.

– K Schneider

Dr. Robin K, is the freaking best. The whole experience it simply amazing, shes honestly one of a kind. I didnt even like going to the dentist but she changed my mind on that, id go to her happily. It was hands down the most comfortable dentist environment iv ever been too. The receptionist AKA Mike, hes unbelievable nice as well and he’ll meet your needs as best as possible. Dr. Robin K is more than likely the best in her field, in New York, her work speaks for itself.

– Jt Doval

I recently moved to NY and everyone I work with recommended Dr. K. From the minute you walk into Dr. K’s office you feel secure you are in great hands! Her office manger welcomes you with a warm smile and greeting. Her hygienists are talented and friendly. Dr. K is knowledgeable and has always made me feel that she is really clued in to my dental needs and/or issues. I am very conscious of my dental health and hygiene and it is great to find a dentist who is as invested!
I am so thankful I found her!

– laura backley

Dr. Kozlowski is unlike any dentist I’ve ever been to. The office is well lit, inviting and almost feels like a spa. This is top of the line dentistry. If you live in or around Locust Valley, look no further.

– Michael Palma

My children love coming going to the dentist! Dr. Robin and her staff go above and beyond for a wonderful experience!

– jennifer caracciolo

Seeing Dr Kozlowski is like going to a spa! The most relaxing dentist’s office I have ever been to. From the beautiful decor to the TVs in every exam room, I would never go to another dentist again! 5 stars!

– Kate Gianatasio

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kozlowski for 5+ years. She is an excellent and extremely caring Dentist. The office is comfortable and beautiful. The diagnostic equipment is state of the art. The staff is awesome. I highly recommend Dr. K.

– Susan Yezzi

Have been seeing Dr K for 6+ years. Whenever I’m in pain, she sees me immediately & solves the problem. After horrible dental experiences as a child, I used to have real issues about going to any dentist – not Dr. K … every visit is a pleasure … hard to believe, but it’s true !

– beth f

I came in on an emergency visit several years ago and it was by far the best dental experience I have ever had…. The staff is professional and friendly, the office is immaculate and comfortable… definitely not your standard dentist office experience. I quickly moved my entire family over to Dr. Kozlowski’s care and have never been happier.

– Maryellen Ryan

Love Dr.K and the whole staff. Dr.K knows I have dental anxiety from when I was a child and she always makes sure to explain everything to me and talk me through some of the work I have had done. They also have TVs and ear phones to distract and drown out some of the noises from the equipment and such.
I would highly recommend this office!

– Lisette LaMarca

Dr. Robin is the best. I had intense fear of going to the dentist, based upon a previous bad experience with a different dentist. Dr. Robin made me feel at ease and comfortable- my treatments have been pain free. I do not fear going to treat my teeth anymore! I highly recommend!

– Barbara Baskind

Dr. Kozlowski is the BEST health care professional I’ve had in a very, very long time. Her office is exceptionally clean, her intake forms are electronic (thank you!!), the receptionist was great, and the hygienest was knowledgeable and thorough and Robin herself was very thorough, explained everything, and discussed and examined a wide range of oral health topics with me. I learned more about dental hygiene, the “why”, and how, and saw clear pictures that she took of my teeth as she explained what I needed. Everything I read on her site from her and patient testimonials is true.

– Tim H.

Dr. Kozlowski has been our family dentist for seven years and we have nothing but the highest praise for her. She is kind, compassionate and at all times the consummate professional. Dr. Kozlowski creates a relaxed atmosphere, which has alleviated my family’s anxiety of going to the dentist.

Dr. Kozlowski is particularly caring and wonderful in treating special needs children, as she is the only dentist my autistic son feels comfortable treating him. I have recommended Dr. Kozlowski to my friends and they all feel the same way about her.

– Diana A.

The dentist can be a scary experience for me for two reasons… the actual procedures and the price. Both of these reasons were NOT the case with Dr. Robin Kozlowski.

Dr. Kozlowski has a very calm and pleasant demeanor that instantly puts you at ease. She asks you how you are doing during the examinations/procedures to make sure you are tolerating everything well. I was impressed by how thorough she is and how she takes time to explain your treatment plan. She personally called me several hours after a procedure to check on how I was doing.

Dr. Kozlowski does not push you to do unnecessary work and creates a treatment plan that she would use for herself if she were in your chair. I appreciated her sincerity. She also does quality work to improve the overall well being of your mouth for the present and future.

– Heidi H.

Dr. Kozlowski is a class act! She is friendly, approachable, and patient. Dr. K. takes the time to explain information to you with diagrams and other computer-aided technology. I actually enjoy my visits, thanks to the fact that she is so personable, and knows how to make a patient feel comfortable. Even when I have to undergo time-consuming and involved dental procedures, Dr. K. is very gentle and constantly making sure that I am comfortable. I cannot say enough about Dr. Kozlowski and have recommended her to my friends over the years.

– Craig K.

Prior to visiting Dr. Kozlowski, I had an enormous amount of dental work done, and I never once felt good about the process or the experience. I usually arrived for my appointments with anxiety and left without a clear understanding of the treatment provided or its necessity. I ended up always finding reasons to put off going to my dentist. All of these feelings changed the first time I met Dr. Kozlowski. I had a dental emergency at work one day and she was recommended to me by my office colleagues. Dr. Kozlowski immediately made time to see me. She was extremely thorough in her evaluation and took the time to explain to me exactly what needed to be done to alleviate my pain. More importantly, she explained why I was in pain, she educated me on the benefits of better maintenance of my oral hygiene, and she helped me understand the correlation between my teeth, gums, and my overall health and wellness.

Since that time, I have been visiting Dr. Kozlowski for regular check-ups and cleanings, and we are working together on implementing a long term complete oral restoration. Dr. Kozlowski is extremely kind and mindful of my budget; she has made certain that all of my critical dental needs to preserve my existing teeth have been addressed prior to moving on to the second phase of my treatment planning for cosmetic improvements. I have been very grateful for the sensitivity and genuine care provided by Dr. Kozlowski. If you have had a negative experience, or are not comfortable with the explanations provided to you by your current dentist, I strongly suggest that you consider Dr. Kozlowski as the solution to your dilemma. I no longer have any anxiety about visiting the dentist. Visits to Dr. Kozlowski’s practice have become a part of my routine to improve my health, no different than committing time to exercise and eating an healthy diet.

– Brad B.

From the minute I walked in I really loved it, because I didn’t feel like I was in a dentist office. It’s a beautiful setting. There is absolutely no dentist office smell which I thought was the best treat.

I also learned that Dr. Kozlowski does Pediatric dentistry, which is great because I have three children.

Overall, it’s a lovely place, I look forward to having Dr. Kozlowski in our community.

Especially, because it’s 2 minutes from my home!

– Lisa D.

Dr Kozlowski is incredibly thorough, patient and up to date dentist. Her hygienist’s and assistants are the best and the office is beautiful. I even bring my 8 year old there and he wants to go back !! Highly recommend!!

– Lisa M.

Dr. K is the best dentist I have ever had.

– Robert K.

I never thought it was possible, but Dr. Kozlowski is the first person who has ever made me WANT to go to the dentist. She has the cleanest, most modern, state-of-the-art dental office with the newest technology and comforts — including flat-screen TVs so you can watch the Kardashians while getting that root canal. Robin is so calm and reassuring that all of your anxiety will melt away as you get your work done. Her office staff is also extremely nice and welcoming. All in all, I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

– Anthony S.

It was a good experience with excellent service, thanks Dr. K!

– Anais C.

Great care!! Would highly recommend. 🙂

– David N.

Dr. Kozlowski and her staff are excellent. I would highly recommend Locust Valley Dental Group.

– Ariel F.

Dr. Robin Kozlowski and her staff make you feel like you are visiting with a friend. They are wonderful people, very clean and professional. You never feel as if you are a number that is being rushed out for the sake of a dollar. Best dentist ever…

– John U.

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Kozlowski since she opened her practice. We are very pleased with all the services we have received. She is an excellent dentist, takes the time to explain all that is being done and answer any questions. Her office is up to date and very calm and comfortable and her staff, pleasant and knowledgeable. We would recommend her without any hesitation. Thank you Dr. K.

– Mary M.

From my very first visit to Dr. Kozlowski, I knew I had found the right dentist for me. Dr K’s calm demeanor and expertise are incomparable. She is a top notch dentist who always takes the time to explain any dental issues and will honestly express her opinion. I trust her implicitly. The office staff is always professional, personable and kind. The office itself is immaculate and beautifully furnished with calming colors and decor. I would recommend Dr. Kozlowski without a moments hesitation.

– Amy A.